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F1 Challenge 2019 CMT v3.0 Download

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F1 Challenge 2019 CMT v3.0 Download Empty F1 Challenge 2019 CMT v3.0 Download

Post by Admin Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:38 pm

F1 Challenge 2019 CMT v3.0 Download 113

F1 Challenge 2019 CMT v3.0 Download

-All cars of F1 2019 season;
-All tracks of F1 2019 season (with updated sponsors);
-All the main racing drivers of F1 2019 season;
-The pit crews of F1 2019 season;
-The driver suits of F1 2019 season;
-Menus of F1 2019 season;
-Historic Data of the F1 2019 season, which includes drivers, teams and tracks;
-Godzilla's, EMAC's and Ralph Hummerich's game menus;
-Realistic steering wheels for all teams;
-Accessible and usable menu backgrounds for F1 2019 season;
-Team individual engine sounds;
-Moderately realistic engine sounds;
-ISI's audio commentary files (including mute or white noise);
-F1 2019 season pit order;
-F1 2019 season track order;
-Highly accurate car physics;
-FPS friendly product: reduced polygon cars and no race-by-race stuff;
-Extensively revamped tyre physics;
-Improved AIWs, AI behavior, performance and physics;
-Revised physics, making the mod much more playable for rookies; keep
in mind that car physics have been measured and done by a specialized
engineer in mechanics, helped by a physicist;
-All Pirelli tires compound textures;
-Complete restoration of AI strategy, making this modification as
functional and versatile as the original F1 Challenge '99-'02
videogame in terms of gameplay and availability of options;
-Adjusted engines heating, cooling and wear;
-Adjusted brake properties;
-Extensive calibration to AI behavior;
-Display aspect ratio config added, to play with the correct inboard and onboard camera
regardless of the game resolution (maybe except for triple screen);
-Functional tracks with corrected AIWs and working garages;
-Tire logotypes and shape update;
-Correct pit speed trap for every session in the Grand Prix event;
-Tutorials for playing online, video included (special thanks to Mleziva Ricardo);
-Full DX8 and DX9 Support (it may cause some problems on low-cost PCs);
-Non-linear tyre grip and tyre damages through debris;
-All track scenearios redefined to get better FPS with los graphic game settings;
-F1 2019 season scoring system;
-Driving school (eight levels in total);
-Modified F12K2 file to suit the needs of this season and avoid gameplay issues;
-Correct use of tire compounds by the AI;
-Tramsission and engine care information in-game added;
-Four different options for qualifying duration;
-Redefined reliability for the cars that affects player and AI equally;
-Executable file tweaked to have 4 GB patch, multiplayer enabled and allow triple-screen;
-Multi-core and Artificial Intelligence in multiplayer mode added;
-DirectX, FreeTrack, ENBSeries and TrackIR support;
-Batch file for create advanced player files through seven different options
(plus one for delete). Special thanks to F1 Superleague and Cristian Luis;
-MACT and WADK compatibility support;
-Online exe by Pietrekk, EvilClip and GoldTime;

Contact resources:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Car models | Automobile Creation French Ligue (ACFL), updated and improved by Rafael Alonso
All extra textures, backgrounds and icons | Fran Torrealba, Gabriel Fava, Marcelo Fx and Sergio Nicolás
All 3D vehicle modeling | Automobile Creation French Ligue
Helmet textures | Jvinu2000, M-17, Sergio Nicolás, Excalibur, Mate, Gabriel Fava and AugustoSimbin
Game menus (functionalities and optimizations) | Godzilla, EMAC and Ralph Hummerich (improved by C. Luis)
Driver suits | Fran Torrealba, Sergio Nicolás and Gabriel Fava
Polygon reduction in chassis, wings and tracks | Rafael Alonso and Cristian Luis
Original car textures | Automobile Creation French Ligue
Mirrors | ACFL (fixed by Rafael Alonso)
Steering wheel models | ACFL (improved by Rafael Alonso)
Rims and brakes | ACFL
Suspension and tire models | ACFL, Rafael Alonso and Carlos Campos
Sound Package | ISI, Pietrekk, IMrIMike and ACFL
AIW lines and AIW full fixes | Cristian Luis
AI improvements | José Arévalo and Cristian Luis
Damage definitions | Cristian Luis
AI driver performance and driver stats | José Arévalo and Fabián Vásquez
Intros | Fabián Vásquez and FOM
Gameplay and Legal screen | Fran Torrealba
Default setups | Carlos Campos, and Sławek Śmietanka
Track GDB files | Facundo Fulco, Anderson Rojas and Marcelo Leandro
Engine .ini files and gear ratios | Carlos Campos
Car physics and tire physics | Carlos Campos
Physics advice | Francisco Yebra
Terrain physics | ISI (updated by Jalnervion and Cristian Luis)
Pit crew animations | ISI
Common maps and database | ISI and Markus Trott
Improvement of car textures | Rafael Alonso
Improvement of track textures | Cristian Luis
Driver commentary | CTDP, Alfredo Moreno, Valerio Bertolotti and Cristian Luis
Alpha testing | Jared Alburto, José Miguel and Carlos Jesús
Beta testing and additional help | Federico Schuin, Sergio Nicolás, Marcelo Francis, Anderson Rojas and Ronal Arévalo
Track scenario improvements | Francisco Yebra, Alfredo Moreno, Fran Torrealba and Cristian Luis
Game credits | ISI and Cristian Luis
League version of the mod | Carlos Campos and Cristian Luis
HUDs | ISI, Emmanuel David and Valerio Bertolotti
Tweakings, updates and optimizations| Carlos Campos
Accessibility, finalizing and game implementation | Cristian Luis
Sponsors update and collision detection fixes for each circuit | Frentzen127 and Cristian Luis
Bug-trigger | Kerem Yurtseven and Ronal Arévalo
AI strategy restoration | Anderson Rojas and Marcelo Leandro
Research | Alfredo Moreno, Fabián Vásquez, José Arévalo, Carlos Campos, Fran Torrealba, Sławek Śmietanka and Cristian Luis
Driving school | ISI, Julien Regnard, Shovas, CambioDeMarcha, Skip Barber, RacerAlex, Cristian Luis and Alfredo Moreno
Game.exe file | ISI (optimized by GoldTime)
Multiplayer Support | Mleziva Ricardo, Goldtime, Pietrekk, Poochihead, Sławek Śmietanka and EvilClip
Camera, qualifying and other additional files | Birkuc, Francisco Yebra and OLarrauri
Batch files | F1 SuperLeague (basis of player editor) and OLarrauri
User manual | ISI
Help with translations | Marta Márquez
Boss project | Carlos Campos

Enjoy the ride!

Requisitos del sistema:
SO: Windows 2000/XP/W7/W10
CPU: 2,4 GHz
Vídeo: 1GB aceleradora 3D tarjeta de video compatible con DirectX 10.1
Disco duro: 2.4 GB

Año: 2019
Género: Deportes / Simuladores
Desarrollador: CMT
Tipo: Stand Alone
Plataforma: PC
Idioma: MULTI3

F1 Challenge 2019 CMT v3.0 Download
: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Link MOD MEDIAFIRE : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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