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    F1 Challenge 99-02 Mod GP3 2011 by WST Download

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    F1 Challenge 99-02 Mod GP3 2011 by WST Download

    Mensaje por Admin el Lun Jul 01, 2013 11:55 pm

    2011 GP3 Series for F1 Challenge 99-02 by WST

    ////////// 2011 GP3 Series for F1 Challenge 99-02 by WST ///////////////

    The 2011 GP3 Series by World Sim Team Mod is not an EA or ISI product!

    Version 1.0, July 1st 2013


    -30 Cars (liveries and shapes) from 10 Teams for 2011 GP3 Season
    -30 helmets for every driver
    -Real-life physics (thanks to FABIANO MACHADO, 2012 GP3 driver, for helping us with the physics!)
    -menu backgrounds and Team BKs + Icons
    -Driver & Team information
    -Driver .rcds
    -2011 GP3 Season Tracks + 2011 LOD’s + Icons
    -GP3 engine sounds
    -2011 GP3 .gdb + as good as possible real-life 2011 GP3 rules

    It does not include the driver suits and pit crew liveries.


    -The car seems to fly over the track, as well as the brake discs are in front of the rims. Thats all because the 3D
    developement stopped at the time of the Alpha release. Thats also the reason for the misplaced front Suspension.
    -Also the car is not that much polys as it could have, it actually uses around 3.000+ polys. We have planned to
    release a high poly version of the car, but after 3D expert haunetal1990 left the group his high poly car stuck on
    his HDD.
    -The names of the drivers in the game are yet missing.


    If you want to play with a full grid, select the .plr of your current driver profile (you can find it in
    GP3 Challenge/Save) and change the following lines of your .plr:

    CURNT Opponents=”0″
    PRACT Opponents=”21″
    QUICK Opponents=”21″
    GPRIX Opponents=”21″
    CHAMP Opponents=”21″
    MULTI Opponents=”0″
    RPLAY Opponents=”0″


    CURNT Opponents=”29″
    PRACT Opponents=”29″
    QUICK Opponents=”29″
    GPRIX Opponents=”29″
    CHAMP Opponents=”29″
    MULTI Opponents=”29″
    RPLAY Opponents=”29″

    You can find these lines in Chapter 8, [ Game Options ].

    If you want to do this in a Championship, just start a new Championship, exit the game and change the named lines above.


    3D: haunetal1990
    2D: Carlos12295cf, fisicoF1, haunetal1990, lotusmania and danilo78
    Icons, BKs and LODs: haunetal1990
    Physics: Carlos12295cf
    Sounds: fisicoF1
    Tracks and Track updates: haunetal1990, ALEKS77SS, Michael.F1C.2007, JasonXP, NEEL, ABC90, XXlinuasXX and Skywalker2077

    -Fabiano Machado, who helped us with the physics
    -All the guys who helped us somewhere
    -mostly the persons which made the Tracks and Track updates and which were so friendly to give us the permissions to
    use their work!


    Just extract the GP3 Challenge folder to any default folder on your PC and run “GP3 Challenge.exe”. If you use
    Windows Vista/7/8 run it as Administrator and in Windows 98 compability mode!


    If you have any issues, please contact us at Facebook:

    If you don’t have Facebook try it at Race4Sim, someone is always around there Wink

    Download: #!0AVHSIyC!U6wrp2BN8aS4tJ-vrjwu2DEUogxp9SWDrVPMLIRYNPk

    Download Alternative: GP3%202011%20Season%20Mod%20by%20WST%20v1.0.rar

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    Re: F1 Challenge 99-02 Mod GP3 2011 by WST Download

    Mensaje por FranMW94 el Mar Jul 23, 2013 11:25 am

    Requetemuybuenmod!!!!!!! Cool 
    Vamos Facu Regalia



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