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Most popular F1C Mod

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Most popular F1C Mod

Mensaje por Mika1 el Jue Ene 30, 2014 11:01 pm

Which is the most popular F1C mod, that has the most people online when hosted ?


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Re: Most popular F1C Mod

Mensaje por Admin el Vie Ene 31, 2014 5:37 pm

I has my personal top man..

I think the best mod of 2013..

1: F1 MANIA 2013 DS / All Tyres, Good Pyshics and graphics

2: F1 MFC 95 - 2013 / All Session has Pro Pyshics and 2013 is fantastic mod! .  has some Circuits Codemaster Version

3: F1 HMT 2013 FINAL / Amazing Graphics,!. Final Cars, And tracks Rfactor Conversion to F1 C . BUT has VERY EASY (BAD) PYSHICS

4: F1 Superleague 2013 / Good Psychis and Tyres, but the graphics not good!

Thanks for visit SpeedF1 Very Happy

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