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    Champ Car Challenge

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    Champ Car Challenge

    Mensaje por Greypusspuss el Sáb Ene 11, 2014 11:36 am

    Hi everyone.
    Being an F1 fan, I regularly play around with 'F1 Challenge 99-02' and it's updates and mods. But a few years back, I also used to be a fan of CART\Champ Car, and so I was very pleased to find and download the 'Champ Car Challenge' By IDT. Installation was easy and on start-up the menu layout etc. looked fine. I wouldn't have chosen the 'Queen' track though, perhaps something more 'American' might be more suitable.
    I should at this point say that 'F1 Challenge 99-02' (unmodified) runs perfectly fine with full graphics, on my oldest PC, so I have tested 'Champ Car Challenge' on the same PC. This is the sysinfo.txt:
    CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (a socket 7 I think)
    System RAM: 1536 MB
    DirectX Version: (I think it's 9.0c)
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 (256mb)
    Video RAM: 364 MBytes (???)
    Full Triangle Rate: 26.0 MTri/sec
    High Triangle Rate: N/A
    Medium Triangle Rate: N/A
    Minimum Triangle Rate: N/A
    Recommended Object Detail: Full
    Recommended Texture Detail: Full
    So, to the game itself. I've only had a brief testing session on each track through the 2000 season and there are a few faults, bugs, gliches etc. on each one, but one fault seems common to all circuits. The mirrors. They seem to be unidirectional. No matter which side of you a car behind overtakes on, it passes by on both sides according to the mirrors. Thus, it's virtually impossible to tell on which side it's approaching from. This does not occur in the original game, so is something specific to this mod.
    I have only done a few practise laps and a dozen or so race laps on each circuit, so I have no idea what happens to the AI cars when proper pit stops come into play.
    As for the problems related to each track:
    HOMESTEAD - Nothing wrong. A good reproduction as far as I could tell.
    LONG BEACH - There's no racing line\groove, I think the pit crew was out in the middle of the pit lane and the start\finish straight is way too bumpy. I realise that the real thing is bumpy, but it stands out in comparison to all the other circuits, and not in a good way.
    RIO - It's okay, but I think the AI line could be a bit better. It runs in the middle all the way round. Also, shouldn't the car use a 'speedway' front wing?
    MOTEGI - No racing line\groove and a bit spartan in scenery. Wasn't the back straight mostly quite high banked grass slope, the first part 'stands', then just people sitting on the grass? Then I remember there was a massive prison-like building just a way back from turn 3, on a hill. As to the front wing, again I think it was a 'speedway' type.
    NAZARETH - Fine. Nothing wrong that I could see.
    MILWAUKEE - The moon is an odd shape, but why is it night anyway? I don't remember a night race here. And the pit wall 'behind' is missing from the last 100yds of pit lane.
    DETROIT - The track seems fine but the cars mirrors are reduced to little squares in the corners of each mirror area.
    PORTLAND - Seems fine.
    CLEVELAND - Terrible. What happened here? Turning every corner results in a massive frame-rate hit that makes it unplayable, yet not only is it pretty empty regarding 3D track objects but the few there are have only got very basic textures.
    TORONTO - Packed with 3d objects and plenty of corners, not a problem. Works fine.
    MICHIGAN - The front wing is wrong (should be 'speedway'). The 'draw ahead distance' is causing the distant grandstands to 'pop-up'. The pit-crew are too far out and I think there is something odd about the AI line.
    MID-OHIO - Fine but for 'pop-up' tree lines.
    ROAD AMERICA - This was the one I had trouble loading because the MAS files were removed. Why? Anyway, the mirrors are just little squares again and I noticed that the pit crews are the wrong way round.
    CONCORD PACIFIC - Just a tiny GFX glich on the yellow\black road sign after turn 2 and somewhere else near the end of the lap.
    LAGUNA SECA - Again tiny square mirrors and the pit crew too far out into pit lane.
    GATEWAY - A real odd one this. During practice, cars would be smashing into the outer pit wall as if trying to get into the pits via some unseen short-cut. During a race, at the end of the 1st lap, all the cars brake hard then follow each other across the grass into the pit exit lane thus rendering it unplayable. It might also require use of the 'speedway' front wing. Not sure.
    HOUSTON - Okay, but I'm sure the AI suddenly slows a bit as they cross the start\finish line.
    SURFERS PARADISE - Well made, looks fine, but frame rate seems to take big hits from time to time, particularly after a crash, of which there are quite a few. An AI line problem in the chicanes I think.
    CALIFORNIA - Okay but has 'pop-up' stands etc. like Michigan and the pit crew are too far out into pit-lane.
    I hope this report is helpful as I assume the builders of these tracks would be eager to know of any problems and produce updates.
    I shall probably try out the 2001 season over the next couple of weeks (I don't get a lot of free time), but already there's a problem. I remember reading somewhere CHICAGO is missing. Oh woe! I assume the reason is that no-one has made it yet.
    While I'm here, two quick questions.
    1) Is the game restricted to 21 cars Plus the player? If not, how does one add cars? Champ\Cart used to run between 28-32 cars depending in the track.
    2) Say you want to set the race length at 50% but you double the tyre wear & fuel usage, it seems as if this only affects the players car. How does one double the AI cars tyre & fuel use or in fact alter anything do do with the AI cars setup\pitstop strategy?


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