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    Rfactor Mod GP3 Series 2013 WIP Download

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    Rfactor Mod GP3 Series 2013 WIP Download

    Mensaje por Admin el Lun Oct 14, 2013 5:09 pm

    Rfactor Mod GP3 Series 2013 WIP Download

    This mod is done just for rFactor driving simulator by Image Space Incorporated. This is not an official product of ISI.

    MOD Contains:

    •The mod includes all cars from 2013 season with 27 liveries and 16 helmets.
    •Internal sounds.
    •Artificial Intelligence.
    •Car physics.
    •RFE Plugin Series.



    •Car: haunetal1990, Lotusmania, Carlos12295cf and contains from F1-SR
    •Helmet: Daimon
    •Tires: SiMCO
    •Steering wheel: F1-SR


    •Cars: Carlos12295cf and fisicoF1
    •Helmets: Lotusmania, RodrigoFW, Danilo72, Carlos12295cf, Mart1n and AlexArgentina510
    •Suits: Carlos12295cf
    •Tires: SiMCO and Carlos12295cf


    •Engine: by Carlos12295cf
    •HDV: by Carlos12295cf
    •Gearbox: ISI and Carlos12295cf
    •Tbc tires: ISI and Carlos12295cf
    •Doublewishbone: SiMCO
    •Damage: SiMCO
    •Suspension: ISI
    •Headphysics: SiMCO
    •Cockpit: SiMCO

    Sounds: Felipe P. Giro

    Cams: Oliver Kwuoka

    Artificial Intelligence: Carlos12295cf

    Structure mod: Lotusmania and Carlos12295cf

    Special thanks to:
    Fabiano Machado for the physics help.
    •SiMCO for multiple files.
    •F1-SR for their excellent content.
    •Daimon for the 3d helmets.

    RFE Plugin:
    Just use it for Windows XP/Vista/7 and using an original rfactor game.
    •By Slow Motion, Ilo and RFE stuff.
    •You need to download updated tracks to this plugin, if not it won't works!! You can do it in the link down of this txt.

    Mod features:

    •Rival Level:

    You can see in the right part of the screen that every driver has a number of level assigned and their level stars. These values are done depending of the driver points standings and results, so that doesn't mean a driver has to be better or worst than the others. The stars and values goes from 50 to 100 and there is a difference of 10 for every star. Of course during a gp it can change depending of the bad luck or crashes that the AI cannot prevent or made by the own user. These values are taken 12th October of 2013 so Abu Dhabi results aren't included.

    •Realistic AI

    This is the taken data after a qualify during Valencia grand prix. Most of drivers position are usual in every race that we watched. During race, it can change like we said before depending of mechanical problems or crashes.

    •Realistics Cams

    The cams done by Oli, are quite realistics perhaps it cannot be perfect. Anyway the immersion can be felt better in the driver cam. About the driver arms we think is better to keep them because it is much more realistic that static arms. Something all videogames have are the dinamic moving arms.

    •Default Car Setup

    First of all in-game you can programme 3 stops as maxinum but never you can add fuel on car, that means you have to put the optimal fuel for the full race. You have to be carefull with tyres, while 20 laps races you should stop 1 time to put new tyres, in sprint races you have to keep. The best option is to attack in the firsts 2 laps, keep tyres, and you try to attack when there are remainding 4 laps. If not you will get in troubles, losing grip and speed on straights. Second, you can choose wet tyres, as the game is adapted to the RFE plugin, which gives the rain plugin to the videogame. But it just will works if you use an original version of rfactor game (buy the game), and your OS has to be Windows XP/Vista/7. Under Windows 8 it doesn't work. The plugin is in the "Add-on" folder when you install the mod.

    In this mod, the default Gearbox configuration is quite optimal but probably not the best. In any case for people who don't know how to setup the car it can be very comfortable. Of course it is setup because it could be optimal for every track from the season, but maybe in Monza you can arrive to the limit of the 6th gear. The second is the downforce of the car, from front and rear wing. The limitation is 7 degrees in races, but we limit it for the full grand prix. The mininum speed you can get in max downforce is 283 km/h. But it also depends of the track and terrain, for example in Spa, can be usual that you just get 275 km/h.

    One time told you this, we hope you enjoy the mod and we appreciate all the help and support we recived from the social networks and forums.

    To get contact with us just send us an email or website:

    Race4Sim :

    For RFE Plugin support:

    Download MOD Mediafire Server: ?uojlj23mgbiro95

    GP3 Series 2013 MOD Trailer:

    GP3 Series 2013 Album:


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    Re: Rfactor Mod GP3 Series 2013 WIP Download

    Mensaje por FranMW94 el Lun Oct 14, 2013 6:15 pm

    Lo sabia, era obio que lo ibas a postear, yo ya lo tengo desde ayer Cool  es muy buen mod, y más porq tienen a Facu Regalia Twisted Evil 



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